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Liberty Tax has been serving customers since 1997, offering fast and affordable tax preparation support along with its suite of financial services. Liberty Tax serves approximately 1.6 million consumer and small business clients across its 2500 locations in the U.S. and Canada with more than just help with their taxes. The company has transformed the seasonal, tax-only model to one that operates year-round by offering services such as bookkeeping, and tax debt resolution. With innovative products, technology and marketing, Liberty Tax offers a turn-key path to success.

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Our senior leadership has built an industry-respected team ready to help you find success via operations, training and marketing support. They are guided by our mission which remains the same as when we first opened: to offer the flexibility of a personal tax consultant and the security of a large, established company.

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Joyce Jordan

Franchisee, VA

“Liberty has contributed vastly to my success with tax customers”.


The tax industry is an 11 billion dollar opportunity. Yes billion with a “B”.

In 1861, Americans began paying income tax. Since then, tax preparation has grown into an $11 billion dollar industry. Customer demand is inherently high and impervious to economic volatility—of the 170 million people who filed a tax return in the past year, half paid someone to do their taxes.